Video: In One Simple Tweet, Donald Trump Jr. Rips Apart Special Counsel Robert Hur’s Refusal To Criminally Charge Joe Biden For Mishandling Classified Documents

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(Townhall) The classified document probe into Joe Biden has been released. You can see why Biden’s team was nervous about its findings because they’re pretty damning, and the reasoning for the lack of charges doesn’t help his 2024 re-election either. Robert Hur outlines clearly that Joe Biden mishandle classified documents, some of which are related to sensitive national security issues.

Still, Mr. Hur won’t charge the former vice president because he’s too old. Spencer added that Joe reportedly cannot remember when he served as Obama’s VP or when his son, Beau, died. Biden consistently lies about his late son’s military service, claiming he was killed in Iraq or heavily insinuating that he was when Beau passed away from brain cancer. Joe feigning gold star parent status has always been heinous, but we’re almost back to 2016 election conditions here.


We have a well-known Democrat in the presidential mix—in Biden’s case, he is the president—who got busted for mishandling classified information but won’t be charged for it, much like Hillary Clinton. It has neutralized all of the liberal media and lefty outrage directed at Donald Trump, who also got engulfed in a classified document flap. It cancels everything out: Trump kept some files in the bathroom. Biden left materials in multiple locations, including his garage, as if they were Clark Griswold’s Christmas decorations. Donald Trump Jr. scorched the double standard and apparent idiocy behind not charging Biden: the president is too old to be prosecuted for being reckless with classified documents, but he’s competent to run the country and the free world. The former president’s son went off on Twitter, as he should.

“So Joe Biden is old & cognitively impaired (8 yrs ago) according to special prosecutor Hur, that’s why he won’t be charged for leaving classified documents all over the place,” wrote the former president’s son. “However, he’s still 100% ok to lead the free world & hold the nuclear football! Totally makes sense!”

Also, doesn’t the executive summary torpedo the entire Biden 2024 narrative that this man is Mr. Midnight Oil, up and at it, bursting with energy in running the country? While not intentional, Hur’s efforts to explain why Biden shouldn’t be charged make the case for why Joe isn’t healthy enough to continue as president of the United States:


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