Video: Project Veritas Donor Refutes Allegations Against Founder James O’Keefe Contained In Employee Memo – They Were ‘Completely Blown Out Of Proportion’

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(PM.) On Saturday, Project Veritas donor Dianna Remmers came forward to refute claims made in a  leaked employee memo that said the news organization’s founder, James O’Keefe, was exhibiting “cruel behavior,” saying the document misrepresented her interactions with O’Keefe.

“I’ve been made aware of allegations for Project Veritas through the news, a little bit on social media and whatnot,” Remmers said. “And I realized actually that one of the allegations and grievances towards James is about a situation that involves me with James.”



“(In) November, 2021, in Florida at a David Horowitz event where the allegations are that he was extremely rude to one of his donors which happens to be me. And that’s completely blown out of proportion. I asked him to take a picture and he, you know, had a lot of people running at him asking for different things and he wasn’t thrilled about getting a picture at that moment, but he did,” she said.


“After that we had a great conversation and became great friends, and I’ve had events for him, one in Beverly Hills. He’s been a personal guest of mine at a Turning Point event and I’m gonna continue to support him,” Remmers added

“I’m really very disappointed in the petty allegations towards him that are completely false and ridiculous,” Remmers said. “So I will continue supporting James as long as he’s with Project Veritas.”

In the memo it described the interaction as “The wife (Remmers) asked James for a photo, and he very rudely and publicly turned her down. She was humiliated to the point of tears.”

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