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Video: Project Veritas Uncovers How Alaska Senator Murkowski Conspired To Rig Election Against Her Trump-Backed Opponent Kelly Tshibaka

Lisa Murkowski is a RINO Senator from Alaska who voted with Democrats to convict President Trump over the Jan. 6 events

( RINO Senator Lisa Murkowski (R-Al.) was one of the few Republican Senators who voted to convict President Trump in the wake of the January 6th ‘Stop the Steal’ rally.

She openly called on him to resign two days after the rally.


During Trump’s presidency, she was one of the Senators who consistently prevented core elements of President Trump’s America First agenda from being implemented.

Murkowski was one of fifteen Republicans to vote for the gun control bill that passed the Senate in June.

Murkowski also supported the confirmation of left-wing Supreme Court Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson.

Now, a Project Veritas video has revealed that she quietly supported ranked-choice voting in Alaska because it would prevent her America First, Trump-backed opponent, Kelly Tshibaka, from winning.

Her Campaign Coordinator said that people who voted for her Democratic opponent, Pat Chesbro, would rank her 2nd, boosting her over her Trump-backed Republican opponent.

The Post Millenial Reports

“In a new video published by Project Veritas, it has been revealed that the push to bring in ranked choice voting to the state of Alaska was due in part to getting moderate Republican Senator Lisa Murkowski re-elected in the upcoming midterm election.

“They say the race is gonna come down to Kelly Tshibaka and Senator Murkowski,” said Emma Ashlock, Murkowski Campaign Coordinator. “So, anyone who votes for Pat Chesbro first and ranks Senator Murkowski second that vote is gonna become a vote for Senator Murkowski.”

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