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Video: Wake Up America!! – Muslims In New York City Show Their Support For Hamas And Hate For U.S As They Take Down American Flags

It’s no coincidence that Palestinians showed their hate for American on the eve of Veterans Day

The Post Millennial

(PM.) Agitators, activists and Islamists took to the streets of New York City on Friday night to vandalize monuments, tear down American flags, and attempt to bash in the doors of the glorious Grand Central Station, all while pretending to call for peace.

Draped in keffiyahs, the Palestinian scarf that has become synonymous with the anti-Israel sentiment sweeping the world, many of these agitators kept their faces covered while they called for the eradication of Israel, chanted their support for Hamas’ goal of cleansing the world of Jews, and menaced New Yorkers who oppose their violent aims.

On Lexington Avenue they tore down American flags from street lamps, and this was notably on the eve of Veterans Day.

Crowds cheered as the American flags were ripped off the lamp post and chucked to the ground. It is not just Israel these masked agitators hate, but the United States of America as well.

They gathered in Columbus Circle at 59th Street and screamed at New Yorkers who believe Jews have a right to exist and Israel had a right to defend itself against terrorists. An angry mob waving Palestinian flags screamed at a woman who was in tears at the hateful display. New York City has the largest population of Jews in the world outside of Israel.

They marched through Times Square.

Officers from the NYPD found themselves guarding Starbucks after it was vandalized with stickers calling for the resistance of colonial power “by any means necessary.”

A reporter on the scene told The Post Millennial “These leftist groups get nothing but protection from NYPD. They stop traffic and let them do whatever they want. They’re allowed to smash a cop car knowing there’s no consequences. If they are arrested charges are dropped.”

Agitators screamed “f*ck you Zionist pigs” at New Yorkers. Others put up missing posters of those killed in Gaza since the war began after Hamas attacked Israel on October 7. During that attack, Hamas also kidnapped over 250 civilians, including 30 children, who have not been released and are being kept in Gaza. Posters have gone up in cities all over the western world showing images of those who were taken. Those who hate Israel have been ripping them down, saying that the fact that they were taken is a lie. They claim that Israel is the aggressor alone.

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