Democrats Suing Democrats: Sacramento DA File Lawsuit Against City Over Refusal To Address ‘Out-Of-Control’ Homeless Situation – Calls It ‘Third-World Squalor’

Most major cities in Democrat-run California have become living nightmares


(PJ Media) Sacramento County District Attorney Thien Ho has filed a civil lawsuit against the city of Sacramento over its failure to adequately address the homeless crisis.

“The community is at a breaking point,” Ho said in a press conference where other Sacramento residents claimed inaction by the city to their complaints.


If you think San Francisco is bad, Sacramento’s homeless population has grown by 250% in the last seven years, higher than San Francisco’s.

Sacramento has become nearly unlivable, and Ho wants the city to “enforce its ordinances regarding unlawful camping, storage, and sidewalk obstructions,” according to a report by KCRA.

“City Hall allows camping on City Hall property at night, but they don’t allow it during the day. I ask the city to extend the same protection they give to themselves to the rest of us,” he said.

The suit refers to Sacramento’s “Third-World squalor” and that residents are forced to endure threats of violence. This is not unlike what law-abiding residents are forced to endure in other cities in California.

But city officials call the prosecutor’s suit a political act driven by “local business interests and an opportunistic prosecutor who was elected to office less than a year ago,” reports the New York Times.





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