Pennsylvania Republican Senate Candidate Dr. Oz Quietly Removed Trump From His Website After Victory

Oz is RINO, a liberal in sheep’s clothing

Source: Sony Pictures Entertainment via AP Photo

(TownHall) Dr. Mehmet Oz has quietly ditched his campaign messaging away from President Trump after winning the GOP nomination for the U.S. Senate in Pennsylvania.

Prior to Oz’s win, Trump was proudly featured on his campaign site and popped up on the doctor’s Twitter. However, after winning the Republican nomination, Oz hasn’t included or mentioned Trump since.


Oz’s Twitter banner used to say “endorsed by Trump,” featuring a photo of the pair, now there is only a solo photo of Oz that reads “Thank you Pennsylvania.”

Google and Facebook had a plethora of Trump-focused ads during the primary, and has since been changed to just general election ads that read “The PA Senate Race will determine who has the majority. Donate to take back the US Senate!”

According to Axios, Oz “embraced the former president where it counts, while keeping him at arm’s length in situations where his brand is toxic.”

Oz has not mentioned Trump since the day of the Republican primary on May 17.

“Oz’s transition for the general election highlights the tightrope many Trump-endorsed candidates have attempted to walk,” Axios claims, noting that Gov. Glenn Youngkin (R-Va.) similarly did the same thing during his campaign last year.

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