Video: Missouri Republican Candidate Puts Out Campaign Ad Rapping To ‘Free Trump’ Song – Takes No Prisoners


(Newsweek) Republican candidate has appeared in a new rap video featuring the hashtag “#FreeTrump,” following the former president’s conviction in a high-profile hush-money criminal trial.

Trump supporter Valentina Gomez, who is running to be the GOP’s candidate for Missouri’s secretary of state, has dropped a verse on Hi-Rez’s track “America First,” in which the pair espouse their conservative values.

In a variety of settings that range from her walking through a supermarket to holding a firearm aloft, Gomez raps: “I am America First / Not benefiting my purse / I never sell out the people to raise my net worth / The Second Amendment is there to always protect my First / A better rapper than Lupe [Fiasco] and I don’t even have to curse.”

She continues: “Let’s Keep the American Dream alive and put an end to all lies / BLM raised billions and what did they do for Black lives? / Politicians promise you the whole world then they backslide / What happened to Hunter’s laptop? You know I’m always strapped up / Gun rights are women’s rights / Feminists based on a lie / You can mess around and find out / Play stupid games, win a stupid prize.”

While no mention of actually freeing Trump is made in the track, the hashtag is displayed at the start of the video. Hi-Rez, whose real name is Jesse Friedman, is shown driving around with a person wearing a Trump mask in much of the video.

Tagging conservative commentator Ben Shapiro, Gomez shared her verse in the music video on X, formerly Twitter, on June 1. The clip was edited to include the “#FreeTrump” hashtag underneath it as Gomez rapped.

“This is how to rap @benshapiro,” she captioned the post. “Facts don’t care about your feelings. America First w/@HiRezTheRapper.”

As of press time, the post has garnered more than 600,000 views on the platform.

When contacted for comment, Gomez told Newsweek in an emailed statement: “President Trump is innocent, has my full support and I look forward to accepting his endorsement very soon. If fighting for the truth and our constitutional rights is a crime, then by all means, my jail bag is ready.”

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