Bernie Sanders Threatens To Nuke Biden’s Infrastructure Deal Over Raising Of New Taxes

Credit: Shawn Thew - Pool / Getty Images


Bernie Sanders’ 2020 presidential campaign terrified me. More than any other candidate in the Democratic primary, I worried for the future of the United States under his leadership.

However, I have to give the Vermont senator credit where it is due. However misguided he may usually be, he is a man of principle, and he is not afraid to call out Democratic actions he feels would be destructive to the American people.

Take President Joe Biden’s new favorite toy — his trillion-dollar infrastructure bill — as an example. Biden is desperate for the bill to be a bipartisan effort and has expended incalculable amounts of energy trying to raise support from Republicans and West Virginia Sen. Joe Manchin, a moderate Democrat.

But in a statement released Sunday, Sanders, who is technically an independent but caucuses and frequently votes with the Democrats, threw a wrench into Biden’s plans.

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