Biden Says Meeting With Putin Positive, Discussed Cybersecurity And ‘Off Limit’ Attack Targets

President says he ‘doesn’t think Putin is looking for a Cold War with the United States’



President Biden said the tone of his highly-anticipated meeting with Russian President Putin was “good” and “positive,” saying he made “no threats” to his Russian counterpart, but warned of “consequences.”

Biden, on Wednesday, reflected on the hours-long meeting with Putin, saying “there was a lot of hype” around it, but said the meeting was “straightforward.”

“There is no substitute for face-to-face dialogue between leaders. None,” Biden said, noting that he and Putin “share a unique responsibility to manage the relationship between two powerful and proud countries.”

The president maintained that the U.S. relationship with Russia “has to be stable and predictable,” and said the countries “should be able to cooperate where it is in our mutual interest.”

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