Biden’s Disinformation Czar Nina Jankowicz’s Book Proves She’s One Complete ‘Wack Job’

Jankowicz says she won’t be ‘silenced’ by ‘harassment’ from men online and that some of the pushback she’s received violated her ‘basic democratic and human rights’

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The Biden administration’s disinformation czar claimed in a book she authored this year she will not be “silenced” on social media as she pushed back against what she considered to be “harassment” from men whenever she shared opinions online.

She claims the “infrastructure of the internet is built for men.”

In her recent book, “How to Be a Woman Online,” Nina Jankowicz raises concerns on a number of subjects surrounding the backlash women face online, placing great focus on how men respond to what she has to say.


“We accept that harassment of women is simply the cost of their social media engagement, or worse, that women are expected to endure harassment and silencing in the name of ‘free speech.’ It is long past time for that to change,” she wrote in one passage of the book released in April.

Jankowicz also suggested that the negative feedback she receives from men online violates her “basic democratic and human rights” and is meant to “silence” her and other women, concluding that comments from men “change how women engage online.”

“[T]he relentless stream of online misogyny to which I and millions of other women who deign to engage in public discourse have been subject sometimes rattles me,” she wrote. “I may have a slightly thicker skin than some, but watching thousands of strangers criticize my appearance, experience, and expertise is not easy. Watching them objectify me is not easy. Watching them deny me and other women our basic democratic and human rights is not easy. And watching these attacks be ignored as ‘the cost of doing business’ in an age where an online presence is all-but-required is enraging.

“To be a woman online is an inherently dangerous act,” she claimed. “The attacks we endure are meant to silence us. They are meant to encourage us to stay home in ‘traditional’ women’s roles and not engage in politics, journalism, activism, academia, or public life more broadly. … However nonsensical, however baseless and uninformed, there is plenty of evidence that suggests these attacks change how women engage online.”

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