How Bad Is Inflation? This Shocking Chart Says It All Since Joe Biden Took Office

In this March 19, 2021 screenshot, President Joe Biden trips while going up the steps of Air Force One. (Screenshot via YouTube)

(PJ Media) If you listen to the White House, things are going great. Joe Biden said last week that the economy is “strong as hell,” and on Monday, White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre claimed that Democrats are making things better.

No, really… she did.


“Republicans are actually going to make things worse, and Democrats want to do the opposite and make things a little easier,” she said.

She also had the audacity to say that inflation and gas prices have been going down.

“When we talk about inflation, gas prices, that’s been something that’s… the American people have seen for the past several months, several weeks… as costs have been coming down,” she claimed.

That’s rich. When the White House dares to claim they’ve done a good job with inflation or that Republicans would make things worse, just look at the chart below, which was shared by Stephen Moore, the founder of the Club for Growth:

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