Total Embarrassment: Biden’s ‘Energy Plan’ Gets Blown Up By French President Macron, Has No One To Blame But Himself

Source: AP Photo/Susan Walsh

(TownHall) Joe Biden is at the G7 Summit. Soundbites of the world leaders mocking Russia were picked up. With the Supreme Court news about Roe v. Wade being overturned and gun rights expanded, the Left is in meltdown mode.

So, this devastating update probably got lost in the ether. Biden’s energy plan is toast. It got blown up. It shows Biden being outmaneuvered by our allies. The way it was done also shows that Europe knows this presidency needs to be pushed along—a lot. It was the clearest sign of the weakness exhibited by Biden. The gross incompetence is pervasive. Within earshot of reporters, you can see French President Emmanuel Macron telling Biden that the United Arab Emirates is already at capacity with oil production and that Saudi Arabia cannot produce much more either.

Biden was counting on these two nations to bail him out. Now, they can’t. As Michael Shellenberger noted on social media, this means the US has to up the ante on domestic oil production. That means doing all the things the environmental Left hates. It means nixing any notion that the Green New Deal is a viable policy. It means infuriating Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her supporters.

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