Video: Political Analyst Claims “The Bush’s” Are Running Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ Presidential Campaign

Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

(Summit News) Political analyst Mark Simone claimed this weekend that the Bush family is helping run Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ presidential campaign, and that the so called ‘Architect’ of George W. Bush’s successful campaigns Karl Rove is also on board.

“The Bushes are all tangled up with [DeSantis],” Simone said during a segment on Fox News Saturday.


“Bush who can raise him a billion dollars,” Simone continued, adding that “Karl Rove will be the coach on the field, I think he’s been advising him.”

“That’s why DeSantis has been getting a little better every week. They’re all very smart,” Simone further stated, adding “You saw what they did for Jeb Bush.”

However, when it comes to taking on Trump, Simone noted that “I don’t think they’re ready for Donald Trump.”

The claim prompted Trump’s son Don Jr. to label DeSantis “a Trojan Horse for the RINO establishment.”

Meanwhile, reports suggest that Trump himself is blacklisting anyone who works for the Florida Governor in an effort to shut down DeSantis’ campaign altogether.

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