Web Of Lies: Fulton County Clerk’s Office Covers First Lie With A Second One When Trying To Explain How Documents Leaked In Georgia Trump Indictment

Gateway Pundit

(Gateway Pundit) The Fulton County Clerk’s explanation for why Trump’s charging documents appeared online before the grand jury even deliberated on Monday has changed again!

Early Monday the corrupt Fulton County court website briefly posted several charges against Trump – including RICO charges – before the grand jury had even closed (see below).


Leaked Trump charging docs

The charges were briefly posted and taken down without explanation.

A few hours later, a Fulton County clerk claimed the Trump charging documents posted to their media queue and published by Reuters, were “fictitious.”

Ms. Alexander claimed she accidentally clicked ‘send’ instead of ‘save’ when she uploaded the documents to the media queue.

“I have no dog in this fight,” Alexander said as she complained about all the stress. “I am human.”

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