Election Fraud 2.0: Can Trump’s Momentum Overcome A Repeat Of 2020?

AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

(PJ Media) Current projections show Donald Trump ahead of Joe Biden for the 2024 election, and it is easy to see why.

Joe Biden has proven himself to be an objectively bad president in every conceivable category and makes whatever baggage Trump has look particularly insignificant, even if you do not believe the lawfare is a means of preventing Trump from returning to the White House.


Polls show Biden is losing voters by the day, even among demographics that Democrats have taken for granted for decades.

So Trump is poised to win and win bigly, right?

I am an optimist at heart, so I want to say yes, but there remains a question we Republicans and conservatives need to ask ourselves:

If 2020 was indeed stolen, what makes you think they won’t steal 2024?

Kari Lake was asked not too long ago if she believed her race for Senate would be fair, to which she encouraged viewers to “go beast mode” and “vote like your life depends on it” precisely because she believed the election was “Not fair, but I think what we are going to see is so many people pouring out to vote [that] it is going to be hard for them to keep up and pump in bogus ballots.”

Occam’s Razor suggests this will be the simplest solution, but one must remember how Arizona, Pennsylvania, Georgia, North Carolina, Wisconsin, Nevada, and Michigan stopped counting votes in 2020, and suddenly Biden took the lead.

Trump is polling ahead of Biden in those states now, and the anti-Israel Muslims  are leaving Biden, but that doesn’t mean Trump has more people voting for him, and poll monitoring will be necessary.

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