FYI: Here’s Why Biden’s Should Fear Tony Bobulinski Interview With House Committee This Week

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(New York Post) The most deadly witness in the Biden impeachment inquiry is due to testify Tuesday in a closed-door interview on Capitol Hill.Tony Bobulinski was a business partner of the president’s son Hunter and brother James in their last tumultuous Chinese deal that began while Joe Biden was vice president in 2015 and ended in tears in 2017.

Along the way, Hunter and his associates took in $9 million from CEFC, the Chinese energy company with links to the Chinese military.


The evidence Bobulinski will bring and the testimony he will give will put the lie to the pretense that Joe Biden was not involved in his family’s most lucrative enrichment scheme during Joe’s vice presidency.

His testimony will build on the interview last month of another CEFC partner of Hunter’s, Rob Walker, a former Clinton administration official whose wife, Betsy Massey Walker, was Jill Biden’s assistant when she was second lady.

Bobulinski’s opening statement will not contain the identical boilerplate exoneration of Joe that we’ve seen from Walker and other reluctant witnesses before the inquiry, such as Hunter’s CEFC associate Mervyn Yan, whose testimony was heavily policed by his pro bono lawyer, Soumya Dayananda, of Willkie Farr & Gallagher, whose last job just happened to be senior investigative counsel for the congressional Jan 6. committee.

Tony Bobulinksi
Tony Bobulinski

On the money trail

Bobulinski will be able to fill in the gaps where Walker stayed silent, pointing to an as-yet-undisclosed letter from Hunter to a CEFC top official in March 2016 that proves they were working for CEFC, using the Biden name to further the aims of China’s imperialist Belt and Road Initiative, in the last year of Joe’s vice presidency, and deliberately held off being paid until Joe left office, to avoid bad optics

He will be able to lay out in forensic detail the times he knows that Joe met with Hunter’s business partners, both during and after his vice presidency. He will bring documents in which the Chinese talked of their delight about doing business with the “B family” and the encrypted messages and emails in which Joe was referred to either directly or in code as “the big guy” or by Hunter as “my chairman.”

He had a front-row seat to the Bidens’ China grift, which ended abruptly when CEFC official Patrick Ho was arrested at JFK Airport on bribery charges in 2017 — while Hunter was having breakfast with CEFC chairman Ye Jianming in his Manhattan penthouse. Ho’s first call from jail was to Jim Biden.

Ye flew to China four months later and was arrested. He hasn’t been seen since. But Hunter knew all about the last deal Ye was cooking up, China’s $9 billion acquisition of a stake in Russian state oil giant Rosneft, a merger that would have signaled a geopolitical power shift to the great detriment of the US.

Brother Commander Michael  Bobulinski C2 Module Head, Tactical Training Group, Atlantic
Tony’s brother Commander Michael Bobulinski, C2 Module Head, Tactical Training Group, Atlantic

The deal fell apart after Ho’s arrest, but the implications shocked Bobulinski to the core.

To understand the importance of Bobulinski’s testimony, you need to understand who he is.

A former US naval officer and instructor from the elite Naval Nuclear Power Training Command, he grew up steeped in American military honor, in a family of decorated Navy, Army and Air Force veterans going back three generations on both sides.

Born in the Portsmouth Hospital while his father was stationed at Norfolk Naval Base in Virginia, he went to Penn State to study mechanical engineering on a wrestling scholarship, where he was team captain. He graduated with distinction in the top 0.1% of his class, and was immediately recruited by the “Navy Nukes,” the elite of the elites.

His job was to train officers and enlisted students in the science and engineering required for the design, operation and maintenance of naval nuclear propulsion plants at the Nuclear Power Training Command.

Bobulinski's  paternal Grandfather Alex Bobulinski  who served in the Air Force.
Bobulinski’s paternal grandfather, Alex Bobulinski, who served in the Air Force.

Naval honors

Lt. Bobulinski’s final assessment and fitness report before he left the Navy in 1999, where he was ranked the No. 1 direct input officer, was exemplary. His commanding officer described him as “truly an exceptional naval officer: a great leader, unusually productive and always inspired.”

He was commended for “Sustained extraordinary performance [with the] strongest possible recommendation for … early promotion to lieutenant commander.”

On military bearing and character, he was judged an “exemplary representative of the Navy … a leader in physical readiness … Exemplifies Navy core values: Honor. Courage. Commitment.”

His maternal grandfather Col. Fred Keller.
His maternal grandfather, Col. Fred Keller.
Father Commander Robert Bobulinski.
His father, Commander Robert Bobulinski.

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