GOP Governors Expose Democrats Hypocrisy In Transporting Illegal Immigrants To Their Cities

Democrats prove the word ‘sanctuary city’ is just for show

A group of migrants from Venezuela on Martha's Vineyard after being flown out of Florida by Gov. Ron DeSantis on Sept. 14, 2022. Ray Ewing/Vineyard Gazette/Handout via REUTERS/File Photo

(New York Post) Next time, Joe Biden should be more precise when he calls for national unity. Because he and his fellow Democrats don’t like the kind of unity they’re getting from Republican governors.

The decision by GOP leaders in Texas, Florida and Arizona to “share” their abundance of foreign migrants with northern cities and states that boast of their sanctuary status is apparently not a gift the Dems appreciate. In fact, the president and his party are so mad they’re setting fire to the welcome wagons.


Shipping the migrants north is outrageous, a stunt, pure politics, they wail. The White House is making noises about assigning its chief partisan enforcer, Attorney General Merrick Garland, to stop it.

That would be the height of irony because the same White House has for months secretly shipped tens of thousands of migrants around the country, often in the middle of the night with no notice to local officials. No Dems complained then, so where did their love go?

Naturally, the media is eager to echo the left’s sudden pain, with Chuck Todd of NBC News showing why he deserves to replace Brian Stelter, late of CNN, as the most mocked man in television. Todd declared it “inhumane” to send 50 migrants to Martha’s Vineyard because it’s a “literal island that doesn’t have any infrastructure designed to help them at all.”

Hillary Clinton can usually be counted on to say something ridiculous, and she didn’t disappoint. “Literally human trafficking” is what she called the Vineyard dispatch, the brainchild of Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis.

Like Todd, Clinton not only doesn’t get the irony, she misses the point.

Democrats like Hillary Clinton have said that the migrants being brought to Martha's Vineyard is "literally human trafficking.”Democrats like Hillary Clinton have said that the migrants being brought to Martha’s Vineyard is “literally human trafficking.”Photo by CJ GUNTHER/EPA-EFE/Shutterstock

The Dems running New York, Chicago, Washington, DC, and, yes, Martha’s Vineyard, are being hoisted on their own petard.

They supported virtually unfettered immigration, but didn’t bargain on thousands of the world’s unwashed popping up in their neighborhoods. In aiming their fire at Republicans sending the migrants north, they’re only shooting the messengers.

Their hypocrisy is a thing to behold and the GOP governors deserve an award for delivering a comeuppance for the ages.

More broadly, Biden’s border fiasco is the latest proof that the left has plenty of fanciful ideas about creating paradise but none on how to govern in the real world. The defund-the-police movement led to a sickening surge in violent crime that continues as cops are demonized and criminals are coddled.

Blunders piling up

The war on fossil fuels led to the dramatic rise in oil prices and helped fuel the historic inflation eating family paychecks. Biden is so far detached from reality that he actually threw a party to celebrate yet another spending bill that will keep the inflation fires roaring.

It is simply incredible how much damage he has inflicted on the nation in just 20 months.

President Biden held a White House event to celebrate the Inflation Reduction Act on September 13, 2022.President Biden held a White House event to celebrate the Inflation Reduction Act on Sept. 13, 2022.AP Photo/Andrew Harnik
And now the blue havens are getting a taste of the disaster that is the open-border policy. Unprecedented waves of people are crossing over, including many who flew to Mexico from far-off countries, knowing they could simply walk into America.

Immigration restrictions were a mainstay of both parties for generations, but the leftward shift of Dems led to less tolerance for barriers. Then, as with so many other issues, the presidency of Donald Trump saw them jettison common sense and go nuts as a form of protest.

Radical activists began preaching the gospel of massive immigration as a key to social and racial justice.

Biden, a sucker for anything anti-Trump, rejected his predecessor’s success in limiting illegal crossers and the abuse of the asylum system, which lets people stay in the US for years because of bureaucratic inertia. Making them wait in Mexico until their claims were adjudicated, as Trump did, persuaded many the dangerous trek north was not worth the risk.

Biden foolishly dismantled those restrictions, stopped building the wall and essentially issued an invitation for the whole world to come to America.

And come they are. Hundreds of thousands cross the border each and every month, more than 4 million since he took office, according to Fox News, which is the only network that regularly covers the crisis.

Unaccounted masses

Most migrants, coached by American lawyers, turn themselves in to federal agents with a claim of asylum. Although most claims will be rejected, the process will take years.

Perhaps 20% of the total, or as many as 900,000, reportedly avoided the agents and simply entered the country without being identified or making any claims to stay.

There is no end in sight, and the numbers already here are so vast that it is hard to imagine how the situation gets rectified.

Migrants outside of Vice President Kamala Harris's residence at the Naval Observatory after being transported from Texas on September 15, 2022.
Migrants outside of Vice President Kamala Harris’s residence at the Naval Observatory after being transported from Texas on Sept. 15, 2022.

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