Tucker Carlson: Former Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard Talked About The Truth, That U..S. BioLabs Exist In Ukraine

Tucker Carlson addresses claims the US is funding biolabs in Ukraine

Credit: Fox News


Here’s something we just saw. (We) wish we brought it to you earlier. Volodymyr Zelenskyy, the president of Ukraine, of course, gave an interview recently that didn’t get enough attention in this country. Zelenskyy, needless to say, is currently engaged in a desperate fight for his country, his government, his life, and he has been since the Russian military invaded Ukraine nearly three weeks ago.

So, you can assume there’s not a lot Zelenskyy thinks about at this point, apart from getting the Russians off of Ukrainian soil. So last week, Zelenskyy floated the idea of accepting so-called Ukrainian neutrality, agreeing not to join NATO. In exchange for that, he will get a Russian withdrawal from Ukraine.


Now, there’s nothing inherently controversial about Zelenskyy’s idea. Ukraine was not on the cusp of joining NATO anyway. NATO officials have long said they don’t want Ukraine to join. It’s not clear whose interest would be served by Ukraine joining NATO. So, if accepting the status quo—going with the way things already were, and we’re always going to be, if doing that convinces Putin to stop killing Ukrainians and spares Ukraine from total and complete destruction, maybe it’s not a crazy idea. Maybe Zelenskyy is on to something. He certainly thought about it a lot.

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