Actor Matthew McConaughey Says He Supports Masking – It’s ‘A Short-Term Inconvenience’

McConaughey’s position may not play in Texas where he is rumored to be a gubernatorial candidate

Credit: NBC


Actor Matthew McConaughey defended universal masking, describing it as a “short-term inconvenience for long-term freedom.”

Speaking on “The Carlos Watson Show,” McConaughey said that “no data” exists showing the negative effects of masking.

“I’m not believing you’re really scared of this little cotton thing. I’m not believing you really feel that takes away your identity and your freedom,” he said on the show, as reported by The Hill. “This is a short-term inconvenience for long-term freedom.”

“There’s no data that says it’s not a good [thing]. No data that says it’s harmful,” he added. “Let’s all take one for the team here.”

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