Cancel Culture: Rolling Stones Bow To Woke Mob, Drop ‘Brown Sugar’ From Concert Songs

Credit: The Gateway Pundit


The Rolling Stones said this week they have dropped their classic concert standard ‘Brown Sugar’ from their set lists because of the controversial lyrics of what Keith Richards says is about “horrors of slavery.” The Stones embarked on their pandemic-delayed (now ironically misnamed) No Filter tour of North America last month in St. Louis.

The Stones’ Mick Jagger and Keith Richards spoke to the Los Angeles Times about the current tour, responding to a reporter observing the absence of Brown Sugar from the set lists (excerpt):

One song the band seems to have dropped from its set since the tour started up again is “Brown Sugar,” the Stones’ gleefully problematic early-’70s smash that opens on a “Gold coast slave ship bound for cotton fields.”

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