New Poll Shows Meghan And Harry’s Popularity At Record Low After Oprah Interview

A new poll from YouGov finds that a plurality of Britons now have negative views about both the Duke and Duchess of Sussex



The shockwaves continue to roll out from Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s interview with Oprah Winfrey.

Days after the duo dissed the royal family on TV in explaining why they have moved to the United States, their popularity has plummeted to record-low numbers in the United Kingdom.

A new YouGov poll, conducted in the wake of the bombshell interview, found that 48 percent of British respondents had a negative opinion of Prince Harry, compared to 45 percent with a positive view. That gives him a net favorability rating of -3, which represents a 15-point drop from the previous poll. Markle, for her part, experienced a drop of 13 points, taking her down to -27 (meaning that 31 percent have a positive view of her, while 58 percent have a negative view).

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