Whoopi Goldberg Has A Message For All Pregnant Women, That Fetus You’re Carrying Around Is A ‘Toxic Thing’

Goldberg called fetuses toxic in a podcast interview with disgraced former CNN host Chris Cuomo

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(PJ Media) Remember when Whoopi Goldberg engaged in Olympic-quality gymnastics on The View to defend filmmaker Roman Polanski? Polanski drugged and raped a 13-year-old girl and then fled the country to avoid prison. If that reference isn’t ringing any bells, here is a video to edify you or refresh your memory:


It is, I suppose, only natural that Hollywood would rise to defend its own, even under those circumstances. The Tinseltown crowd probably has a lot to hide and if the FBI were to examine the world of entertainment as closely as it has Donald Trump, the pro-life movement, or grandmothers who visited the capital on January 6, it would probably have enough work to keep it busy for the next two decades. It won’t do that of course, but still.

Of course, no one other than Donald Trump Jr. ever called Whoopi out on it, and to give the man credit, he came out swinging:

You can see how all of the kitties arched their backs when confronted with reality. It is to be expected that this collection of Weird Sisters (Shakespeare reference–see Macbeth) would go to pieces when their own sins are exposed. Reality to the members of The View is the same as water is to the aliens in Signs. And there is a similarity in appearance and intent.

Whoopi Goldberg, of whom I would have naively expected better once upon a time, seems to be plumbing the depths of public discourse to drink from the worst that the sewer has to offer. Unfortunate, but sadly not unexpected.

Goldberg’s latest deep dive came in the form of a comment during a podcast interview with none other than Chris Cuomo, of all people, regarding the Dobbs decision. Fox News reported that Goldberg told Cuomo: “Not just Black women, or Asian women or Hispanic women – just women in general! You changed the law without even saying, without even having the information of what that means for someone who has a, uh, difficulty in the pregnancy that requires that they not keep this toxic thing in.”

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