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Video: Dinesh D’ Souza Releases Trailer On New Film “Police State” Set To Air Next Month – It’s An Eye-Opening Account Of America’s Political Persecution

Activist filmmaker Dinesh D’ Souza and conservative talk show host Dan Bongino have collaborated on an explosive new movie called “Police State.” Investigative journalists Peter Schweitzer and Julie Kelly also contributed to the film.

The film stars conservative actor Nick Searcy, who plays the role of a federal law enforcement official who’s out to punish the regime’s political opponents while carrying out a two-tiered justice system.


At the end of the trailer, Searcy makes the chilling statement of “We can do anything we want,”

D’Souza, in an interview with One America News, said he used to think of living in the U.S. as living in the ‘free world’ when compared to China, North Korea, and Cuba, but he’s ‘not so sure’ of that anymore.

Watch D’Souza’s interview and the Police State trailer below:

Police State is exclusively in theaters October 23 & 25. Get your tickets at

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