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Video: Matt Walsh Discusses Obama’s New Movie And The Eerie ‘Coincidence’ Of Baltimore’s Bridge Collapse And A Scene Where A ‘Cyber Attack’ Causes A Cargo Ship To Crash

Gateway Pundit

(Gateway Pundit) Shortly after the Francis Scott Key Bridge collapsed, former fraud investigator and veteran Jimmy Corsetti took to X and pointed out that in Obama’s new Netflix movie “Leave the World Behind” there is a scene where a massive cargo ship crashes into the beach after losing power from a cyber attack.

Corsetti added in the thread that the cargo ship in the movie was named the “White Lion” and highlighted that the country of Sri Lanka has a lion on its national flag.


He then noted the Dali cargo ship was en route to Sri Lanka before it tragically crashed into the Key bridge.


In response to Corsetti’s theory, Matt Walsh released a video explaining how the scene in Obama’s movie was just a “coincidence.”

Walsh stated, “It is very, very stupid to theorize that Obama coordinated a cargo ship’s collision with a bridge and for some reason left a trail of clues for right-wingers on Twitter to discover.”

“This is the kind of goober bullsh*t that makes the whole movement look dumb and unserious,” added Walsh.

In response to Walsh’s video, Corsetti responded, “You should question Why former POTUS bizarrely chose to Produce/Consult a movie related to a doomsday cyber attack.”

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