Amazon Introduces Astro, Its First Alexa Based Robot – Here’s Everything To Know

Amazon/Screenshot by James Martin/CNET


Astro, Amazon’s new autonomous household robot, made a surprise debut at the tech giant’s product launch event on Tuesday.

As we’re discovering, there’s much more to the little bot than its beatboxing skills (yes, really). We’ll tell you everything we know so far about Amazon’s robot assistant, including two different prices (it starts at $1,000), what we know about the sale date, Astro’s limitations and tech specs, and what Amazon is saying about privacy right now.

We’ll continue to update this story as we get more information about your burning questions — we’ve reached out to Amazon for additional comments and information.

How much does Amazon Astro cost and how do I buy it?

Amazon Astro is a Day 1 Edition product, meaning it’s available via invite-only preorder. You can sign up for an invitation to preorder the Amazon Astro today. The household robot will initially cost $1,000. Upon broader release, Astro’s price will go up to $1,450. Amazon also allows for free returns.

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