Gab Unveils ‘Gab Ads’, An Ad Network Focused On Privacy That Won’t Track Users

An antidote to the invasive practices of Big Tech advertising

Credit: Reclaim The Net


Gab, an open-source social network, that states its mission is to defend free speech online for everyone, has announced a new step it is making in order to move away from what CEO Andrew Torba referred to in a company blog post as “the Globalist American Empire that has a death grip on our culture and commerce.”

According to him, this requires coming up with a new online economy that will stop money being directed towards the giants who use it to destroy “our country, our faith, and our families” – and instead support creators and business owners who feel oppressed by the system.

Torba further says that Gab has been exploring several ways to help this new economy centered around a free market take root, and lists those as tools used for distribution and communication powered by Gab Social and Gab TV, GabPay payment processors, the upcoming Marketplace that will become a part of Gab Social – and advertising, allowing like-minded business and customers to find one another.

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