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DEI Hires Are Going To Get Someone Killed And United Airlines Is Allegedly Putting Passengers At Risk


(BPR) A conservative activist is raising questions about whether a relatively recent United Airlines hard landing was attributable to the company’s DEI agenda.

The hard landed occurred on July 29th as a previously uneventful United Airlines Boeing 767-300ER flight from the Newark Liberty International Airport to the George Bush Intercontinental Airport (IAH) in Houston turned awfully dramatic.


“According to the [National Transportation Safety Board’s] preliminary report, while landing at IAH, the First Officer was flying and, despite best efforts to keep the nose wheel from bouncing, the nose wheel made contact with abnormal force,” as reported by Simple Flying, an aviation news source.

“The airplane appeared to bounce, and he reacted by pulling aft on the control yoke, in an effort to keep the nose wheel from impacting the runway a second time. Subsequently, the speed brakes deployed, and the auto brakes engaged which resulted in a second bounce of the nose wheel.”

These bounces reportedly caused significant damage to the airplane.

The question now is why did this happen. Was it the airplane acting up, or was the pilot at fault? According to conservative activist Ashley St. Clair, it may well be the second one.

In a tweet posted Friday, she claimed the pilot was a DEI hire who’d “failed multiple trainings” but been hired anyway because he or she had checked the right identity boxes.

“Was the co-pilot a former flight attendant who was FIRED and then rehired through United’s DEI program despite being on a list to not return to United?” St. Clair wrote in her tweets.

“Am I correct that this individual failed multiple trainings including simulator training? Am I also correct that United has covered up this DEI disaster and many others?” she added.


In an additional tweet, she accused the co-pilot of also having possibly been a DEI hire.


When billionaire Elon Musk noted that this puts a lot of lives at risk “if true,” Ashley responded: “Wish it wasn’t & far from the only instance. Lots of very concerning corners being cut with DEI at United…”

Keep in mind these are unconfirmed allegations that have yet to be addressed by United Airlines.

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