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Video: Biden WRONG AGAIN When Citing Second Amendment Rights

Biden claims ‘there’s always been limitations’

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Joe Biden declared Wednesday during remarks on the Texas school shooting that the right to bear arms in the U.S. is “not absolute”.

After signing an executive order to reform policing, and wheeling out George Floyd’s family for the press, Biden addressed the shooting, saying he “just sick and tired.”

“When in God’s name will we do what needs to be done to, if not completely stop, fundamentally change the amount of the carnage that goes on in this country?” Biden continued.

Then came the kicker.

“The Second Amendment is not absolute. When it was passed, you couldn’t own a cannon…there’s always been limitations,” Biden proclaimed.


Biden continually makes this argument. Just last month, he repeatedly lied during a gun control speech, claiming that from its very inception the Second Amendment never allowed for Americans to own any firearms they desire.



Really? “Certain people from the very beginning weren’t allowed to purchase guns.”

That’s just plainly false.

It isn’t the first time Biden has made this claim. When he was running against Trump, Biden outlined his gun control manifesto, and further claimed “From the very beginning you weren’t allowed to have certain weapons,” adding “You weren’t allowed to own a cannon during the Revolutionary War as an individual.”

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