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Video: U.S Seemingly Not Hiding It’s Involvement In Nord Stream Pipeline Sabotage, Secretary of State Blinken Says There’s Now A ‘Tremendous Opportunity” For Europe To “Remove Russian Energy Dependency

The U.S. is the only country that benefits from taking the Nord Stream pipelines offline

Gateway Pundit

(Gateway Pundit) Three deep-water explosions destroyed the Nord Stream pipelines under the Baltic Sea last week on Monday.

Swedish seismologists reported that one of the three explosions measures 2.3 on the Richter Scale of earthquake intensity, but this was no earthquake. It was explosion—like a gigantic undersea mine.


The explosions guarantee Germany and the EU won’t go wobbly with regard to sanctions against Russian energy imports. The damage to pipelines will take months repair, and repairs are unlikely to begin until next summer. Even if Germany were to cry “uncle” as civil unrest intensifies over lack of heat and energy, even if Russia decided to turn the power back on, the conduit for Russian gas to Europe is broken.

No country has yet taken responsibility for the blasts that took out the Nord Stream pipelines to Europe. Only one country benefits. We wrote aobut this extensively at The Gateway Pundit last week.

Europe now faces an uncertain future as winter approaches.

In a bold statement this weekend, Secretary of State Tony Blinken cheered the news of the explosions as “a tremendous opportunity” for Europe “to remove dependence on Russian energy.”


Antiwar reported:

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