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Being Stalked? How to Find, Remove Malware And Stalkerware On Your Phone, PC

Obsessed exes turning into stalkers is nothing new. But with stalkerware, they can also turn your phones and PCs into listening devices that report everything you do. Don’t worry: You can protect yourself against this insidious malware. We’ll show you how.

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What if your phone calls, texts, FaceTime sessions, and GPS locations were being logged without your consent?

What if they were all being sent to a tech-savvy stalker—often a former romantic partner or an abusively controlling current partner—who had gotten malware onto your phones, tablets, and pcs, effectively bugging them? That’s the unsettling job of stalkerware, a type of commercially available software designed to spy on victims without being detected.

Stalkerware can operate stealthily, so you probably wouldn’t know if your devices had it installed.

According to a 2020 report from cybersecurity company Kaspersky, a majority of people with stalkerware on their devices don’t even know that the type of software exists, meaning they can’t protect themselves from it. We’ll help you understand what stalkerware is, how to remove it from your devices, and how to make sure stalkers can’t install it on your devices again, once they are clean.

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