Chefs Advice: Try These Underrated Cuts Of Steak That Are Perfect For Grilling

Save some money, skip the strip

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Beef is a staple on dinner tables across the country. Whether it’s served in a stroganoff or between two buns topped with cheese, lettuce and tomato, beef is an easy go-to that is usually offered at a low price point. Unless, of course, you’re dealing with every beef lover’s favorite: steak.

Some of the most sought-after — and expensive — cuts of steak are filet mignon, porterhouse, ribeye and strip. But is that because they’re the best? Or because they’re what you’ll find on the menu at America’s most revered steakhouses?

After speaking with Chef Myles Moody, we’re inclined to say it’s the latter.

Moody is the chef and co-founder of Kinship, a family-owned butcher shop opening in Atlanta this summer. He was mentored under James Beard Award-winning chef Linton Hopkins and has worked in four Michelin Star restaurants.

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