FYI: The Case For Induction Cooking As An Alternative To Gas Or Electric


The best kitchen updates don’t just enhance the beauty of your space. They allow you to simplify your life, make better choices, and improve your relationship with your kitchen. And who knows? They may even make you a better cook! To that end, you may want to consider trading in your gas or electric cooktop for an induction model. If you’ve been keeping up with the Joneses and haven’t considered induction technology, that’s not surprising. While popular in Europe, adoption in the United States has been slower.

“Outdated misconceptions about the cost and reliability of induction cooking have prevented many American households from making the switch,” says Peter Weedfald, senior vice president of Sales and Marketing, Sharp Electronics Marketing Company of America. “However, induction technology offers quicker heating and boiling than gas or electric counterparts, more precise temperature control, easier cleanup, enhanced safety, and key eco-friendly perks.”

To help demystify induction cooking, Weedfald is offering some insights into how the technology works and how it can benefit your kitchen:

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