What Is Aioli And How Do You Make It?



You’ve seen aioli on menus (and you know it’s delicious). But what is aioli? It’s a rich and creamy sauce that’s easy to make at home.

You might think aioli is nothing more than a glorified mayo. You’d be kinda right, but I’ll explain more in a second. However aioli is made—whether it’s homemade or semi-homemade—I’m here for the creamy, tangy decadence.

Make sure the french fries are hot, because you’ll be looking for a dipper in no time!

What Is Aioli?

“Aioli” (pronounced AH-yo-lee, by the way) is a fancy word for emulsified oil with a bit—or a lot, depending on where you are—of garlic. It’s a rich and creamy sauce with both Mediterranean and French roots.

The traditional method of making aioli is emulsifying oil into mashed garlic. But this has been replaced with a couple of easier, semi-homemade methods. The first method simply infuses store-bought mayo with all kinds of fun and interesting flavors—think sriracha, paprika, black garlic, etc.

The second method, and the one I’ll show you how to do, is the process of emulsifying oil into egg yolk and mashed garlic.

You can master this aioli recipe—and then learn how to make other homemade condiments.

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