Bridal Fashion Week 2022: How To Shop For And Find The Latest Styles And Collections


Let’s face it, wedding gown shopping can sometimes be daunting. Especially if you’re looking for that one dress you recently saw on the runway during Bridal Fashion Week. But even so, we’re here to say that finding your dream dress doesn’t have to be an impossible task. “One of the great things about bridal is that the pieces presented at Bridal Fashion Week are produced for commercial value,” says Micaela Erlanger, celebrity fashion and bridal stylist. “Meaning, what you see presented will be available for consumer purchase.”

Runway looks are more accessible than you might think, and there are many ways for you to get your hands on the perfect gown. For all the insider secrets, we asked bridal industry designers, buyers, and experts to share everything you need to know about shopping from the runway to the rack.

What Is Bridal Fashion Week and When Is It?

New York Bridal Fashion Week is an industry event where designers and brands reveal their latest collections, twice a year in October and April, to brides, retail buyers, and the media. It’s a time when trends are created, and wedding lovers everywhere are able to get a front-row look into the bridal fashion industry.

How to Shop the Newest Collections

If you’ve seen your dream dress walk down the runway, you may be asking: How can I buy it? Thankfully, there’s a surprising amount of ways you can shop a runway look before and after it’s even released.

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