Can Coronavirus mRNA Vaccines Act As Bio-Weapons In Transmitting Spike Proteins To The Unvaccinated?

Credit: NIAID


After Pfizer skipped animal trials for their new mRNA coronavirus vaccine, they began using various doses of foreign mRNA to experiment on human test subjects. This foreign vaccine mRNA stops the innate transcription process in human cells, providing new instructions for protein synthesis which basically overwrites the innate genetic expression from the body’s own DNA.

The foreign vaccine mRNA halts the natural protein synthesis in human cells, blocking cells from producing the amino acid sequences that they typically build for the proteins that are needed in the body. The foreign vaccine mRNA circumvents the innate intelligence of the human body, instructing the ribosomes of the cells to instead churn out spike proteins (properties from the coronavirus bio-weapon).

In the study design documents furnished by Pfizer, scientists warn of “occupational exposure” to the vaccinated in a 24-hour monitoring period.

What might be transmitted by the vaccinated, if occupational exposure is of concern? Why did Pfizer keep this limited occupational exposure data separate from the clinical study?

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