Coverup? FDA Somehow Says ‘No Safety Signals’ That Link White Blood Clots To COVID-19 Vaccine Shots – 70% Of Embalmers Say Otherwise

The FDA and Big Pharma have billions of reasons for not coming clean

The Defender

(The Defender) White clots in people’s arteries are “really happening” — so why isn’t the phenomena being openly discussed in the public sphere? political commentator Russell Brand asked during a recent episode of his “Stay Free” podcast.

Brand showed viewers a clip of prominent medical commentator John Campbell, Ph.D., interviewing former Air Force Major Thomas Haviland.


Haviland conducted a 2023 survey of 269 embalmers across four major countries and three continents.

According to the survey, more than 70% of embalmers found strange fibrous white blood clots — clots they were not finding pre-pandemic — in significant percentages of corpses in 2023.

Haviland also conducted a similar survey in late 2022 that revealed 66% of embalmers began finding the unusual clots in mid-2021, suggesting a temporal link to the rollout of COVID-19vaccines, which began earlier that year.

The topic is largely going undiscussed by mainstream news outlets, Brand said, although at least GB News interviewed Campbell to talk about the “white stringy rubbery clots.”

“You’re not really hearing it discussed to the degree that it perhaps ought,” Brand said, “if it is as prevalent as is suggested.”

For instance, Brand cited a Feb. 21 BNN Breaking article that reported Thai neurologist Dr. Thiravat Hemachudha had initially discussed the topic in a Facebook post — but swiftly chose to “cease public discussions on the topic.”

Thiravat is chief of the Thai Red Cross Emerging Infectious Diseases Health Science Centre and a proponent of COVID-19 vaccines.

His post — which discussed white clots found in the carotid arteries of the deceased, particularly in people with a history of mRNA COVID-19 vaccination — suggested the clots might be connected to sudden deaths.

Thiravat included links to Campbell’s videos about white clots in his post. Facebook’s “independent fact checkers” and AFP Fact Check labeled Thiravat and Campbell’s claims as false.

Thiravat responded by saying he would avoid publicly discussing white clots, that he’d already shared all the information he found useful, and that he still supported COVID-19 vaccines and was not part of an anti-vaccine group, Thaiger reported.

Brand suggested what happened to Thiravat seemed similar to what happened to other prominent doctors, such as Dr. Jay Bhattacharya and Dr. Robert Malone, who were suddenly cast as anti-vaxers “because they were dissenting voices.”

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