Coverup: Media Calls Fallen Soccer Players From Heart Disease A ‘Coincidence’ When Common Denominator Points To COVID Vaccines

It’s well documented that heart inflation, myocarditis is a side effect of COVID vaccines

Credit: Information Liberation


The “puzzling” surge in heart disease among soccer players is just a “coincidence,” so says the media.

From The Daily Mail, “‘It’s terrifying but it’s a COINCIDENCE’: Leading cardiologist says footballers should not panic after five high-profile collapses – but insists all players need to be checked throughout their 20s and 30s”:

A spate of high-profile heart problems and collapses among professional footballers in recent weeks are likely to be coincidence, rather than an indication players are struggling to cope with the high-intensity game, according to a leading cardiologist.

Nice framing.  Those are the only two options!

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