COVID-19 Vaccine Spike Protein Shedding Among The ‘Vaccinated’ Can Cause Dangerous Health Issues For The ‘Unvaccinated’

If you are unvaccinated, being in close contact to the vaccinated can present a danger to your health

Credit: NewsTarget


The spike proteins injected into people with the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine can be shed. The shedding can severely affect the people around the vaccinated person and cause severe health complications such as heart attack.

When people take the mRNA vaccines, the mRNA enters the body and tells it to create what is called the spike protein. This supposedly helps the body’s immune system to detect the COVID-19 virus and get rid of it as soon as it enters the body.


In reality, the spike proteins being injected into people are at least partially responsible for many of the adverse effects vaccinated people experience. (Related: More young athletes being injured or KILLED by the covid vaccine… disturbing trend accelerates as spike proteins devastate heart cells.)

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