Death Shot: 49 Yr. Old COVID Survivor Is Another Ignored Statistic Of Death By Vaccines

Bobby Bolin was forced to be vaccinated in order to receive a lung transplant despite having natural immunity

Amy and Bobby Bolin. The Defender


A 49-year-old Texas man who recovered from COVID — but was required to be fully vaccinated against the virus before being approved for a life-saving lung transplant — died when he developed a pulmonary embolism and heart issues after his second Moderna vaccine.

In an exclusive Interview with The Defender, the man’s wife, Amy Bolin, said there was no reason her husband, Bobby Bolin, should have been forced to get the vaccine.


“In the medical field, your goal is supposed to be to improve and save people’s lives, and instead you’re giving them one option — you either do this or you can’t get a life-saving transplant,” Amy said.

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