FDA Admits Brain Swelling, Vision Loss Are Among Side Effects Of Puberty Blockers, Slaps Warning Labels On Drugs

This hasn’t stopped the Biden Administration from pushing it on innocent children

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(National File) The FDA is admitting that puberty blockers hurt kids and can cause brain swelling and vision loss after identifying multiple young children who developed the symptoms while taking the drugs. The announcement comes as the Biden Administration continues to endorse the use of puberty blockers in children, and after transgender Assistant Health Secretary Rachel Levine claimed that there is “no argument” against their use in kids deemed trans.

The FDA has announced that it’s slapping warning labels on the puberty blockers being prescribed to small children and robbing their bodies of natural development in the name of transgenderism, citing multiple cases of severe and potentially fatal side effects in a group of female patients who fell victim to the drugs.


According to the FDA, just one of the six patients experiencing severe side effects had been prescribed the drugs as part of a transgender procedure, while the others were suffering from precocious puberty, a medical condition in which puberty onsets at an extremely early age. While precocious puberty is a rare condition, the medical community has documented a massive spike since the beginnings of the COVID-19 outbreak and vaccine rollouts. The same drugs that are used to bring about “gender reassignment” in children are being used to treat precocious puberty.

The FDA’s move to put warning labels on the potentially lethal puberty blockers comes as the Biden Administration has openly endorsed their use in “transgender youth,” even issuing federal guidelines calling for their prescription as part of “gender-affirming care.”

When Alabama passed a law criminalizing the use of puberty blockers in children, the Biden Administration quickly went on the offensive, claiming that the drugs were a “necessary” part of “life-saving” medical care. The law in Alabama has since been blocked by a left-wing judge.

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