FDA Study Shows Double Flu COVID Shot Induces Strokes, CDC Pushes It Anyway

Experts say more research is needed, but why push a potentially unsafe vaccine that has proven ineffective if research confirms the findings?

AP Photo/Hans Pennink

(PJ Media) The hits just keep on coming exposing the Public Health™ lies.

Common sense might dictate that one not receive flu and COVID shots at the time sameyet that’s exactly the recommendation of the CDC.


It turns out common sense wins out over the CDC yet again.

Via ABC News (emphasis added)

*”More research is needed,” while seemingly a reasonable proposition, is mere pharmaceutical code for “we need time to fund and rig a new study, debunking this one so we can put this conspiracy theory to bed and are granted the excuse to suspend everyone who repeats it from social media.”


**It’s just a “small” increased risk of stroke, and therefore unnecessary to fret about. That’s called Science™.

From the study itself (emphasis added):




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