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Hiding The Truth: Corporate Media Spreading Disinformation On UK Death Rates, 4x Unvaccinated Dying Compared To Vaccinated

People need to stop taking the mainstream media as gospel


What the BBC is not telling you is that for every “unvaccinated” Covid death there are four “vaccinated” Covid deaths. For months we have been reporting on the higher proportion of people who sadly succumb and die with Covid after being injected with the so-called “vaccines.” Additionally, as we have frequently written, there are the vaccine-induced injuries, illnesses and deaths.  Contrary to what corporate media would have you believe, the Covid injections are neither safe nor effective.

UK Health Security Agency (“UKHSA”) statistics are clear and so is the text which accompanies them. For people who feel overwhelmed by statistics and numbers there is sufficient information if we read the words contained in the UKHSA’s ‘Vaccine Surveillance Report’ (“VSR”). It is all hidden in plain sight and the BBC, and much of corporate media, should be, at the very least, labelled “co-conspirators” and censored for spreading misinformation and disinformation.

Prior to the launch of the Covid injection campaign there were three statistics corporate media reminded us of daily, and repeatedly: cases, hospitalisations and deaths.  Since the Covid injection campaign began reporting these statistics must have become a mine field for them.


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