Steve Kirsch: Here’s Undeniable Proof That COVID Vaccines Cause Strokes At An Alarming Rate – Just Do The Math

Kirsch is willing to bet $1M of his own money if someone can prove he’s wrong

Steve Kirsch

Executive summary

(Steve Kirsch) The COVID vaccines cause strokes. There is no doubt about it.

In fact, I’m so sure of this, I will bet anyone $1M. I’m willing to put my money where my mouth is. Are any of the drug companies willing to do that? If they don’t, you should be worried. Very worried.

Surely there is someone at the CDC or FDA who will take my bet? If not, then why not admit the truth: that they have absolutely no confidence at all when they claim that the COVID vaccines don’t cause strokes and there is nothing to worry about.

Will anyone in the entire world take my bet? Of course not. You have to ask yourself, why not? Don’t you believe the CDC? Apparently, NOBODY IN THE ENTIRE WORLD believes them.

In this article, I’m going to prove to you I’m right.

But, hey, if you think I’m wrong, accept my bet please! Because I could always use an extra $1M.


Thanks to the heroic work of Dr. Naomi Wolf and Amy Kelly in investigating the Pfizer documents, it was recently brought to my attention that Pfizer knew about 300 stroke-related events that happened in the first 3 months after the vaccine was released.

Check out this document which summarizes the stroke data from the new unredacted Pfizer 5.3.6 document. There were a total of 42,086 adverse events, but it was a secret as to how many people that represents (the denominator).

We can estimate it though because they told us that there were 611 anaphylaxis events. We know from the Blumenthal paper that there are 2.4 cases of anaphylaxis per 10,000 shots. This implies 2.5M shots were given which means 1.25M people reported events here. This is an estimate of the “denominator” that Pfizer didn’t disclose.

The reason for redacting the denominator is simple: if anyone knew how small that number was, they’d have stopped the vaccine immediately. If the denominator was large, Pfizer would be willfully supplying the denominator. The fact that they aren’t disclosing the denominator means that they knew that the adverse event rate was unacceptably high.

What’s interesting is that the disclosed the denominator: 126,212,580 which is 64M people. OBVIOUSLY THE EVENTS WERE SEVERELY UNDERREPORTED as we can see from the anaphylaxis data. So that number is meaningless. What matters is the estimated underreporting factor; we know from the calculation above that the minimum underreporting factor (for serious events) is 50.4. This is quite comparable to the minimum underreporting factor of 41X for VAERS.

The Pfizer document says:

  1. The reporting is for a 90 day period starting Dec 1, 2020
  2. Within the stroke data set, there are 275 patients with 300 different events reported; and 20% of the stroke events were fatal.
  3. Half the events happened within 2 days of the shot.

Is the temporal proximity to the shot a smoking gun? Sort of…

OK. When I read that my first reaction was, “Wow, half the events happened in 48 hours after the shot. That’s not normal at all…it should be spread out evenly over time if there is no causality.”

However, upon further investigation, many of the AEs reported by Pfizer have relatively short median time frames so there is a bias to report things that happened in close proximity to the shot and to not report things that happened a week or more after the shot.

Even with all that, a 48 hour median is short compared to the other AEs and suggests there is causality here.

The rate of stroke events vs COVID events is 1:4… that’s way too high

Let’s look at the rate of stroke events to COVID events reported in the trial.

We’ll limit ourselves to the first two days since that is when we get the most accurate rate.

So we have 150 stroke events in the first two days as noted above.

We have 3067 COVID events with a median of 5 days, so basically 613 events in the first two days.

That means that during the first two days after the shot (which is the only period where we get reliable reports), you were 4 times more likely to get COVID than get a stroke.

Whoa! That’s way too high for a safe vaccine that doesn’t cause stroke, don’t you think?

The absolute number of stroke events is 10X normal

150 stroke events in 2 days for 1.25M people reporting is a rate of stroke 21,900 strokes per million per year.

The normal rate of stroke is 800,000 strokes/yr. But there are 340M people. So the rate is 2353 strokes/M-yr.

This means that the observed rate of stroke is 10X normal after the shot.

That sounds pretty darn causal to me.

But let’s do another check just to make sure.

After all, we wouldn’t want to leave any stone unturned for Dr. Susan Oliver and her dog Cindy, to use to make a video criticizing these calculations. Confidentially, I’m not that worried about Dr. Oliver; it’s her dog Cindy I worry about.

The VAERS data makes it OBVIOUS

Here’s a simple search that took me all of 30 seconds to do. I searched ALL vaccines for ischaemic stroke and look what I found. A signal. A big signal! It jumps off the page. You can’t miss it if you are looking!

INSTRUCTIONS: View the chart above. Can you spot the unsafe vaccine? Hint: It causes strokes at a much higher rate than all the other vaccines combined. Can you guess which one it is?

If you guess the COVID vaccine, you’re right!

If you didn’t guess the COVID vaccine, you should immediately apply for a job with the CDC in the safety monitoring department. They are looking for people with your analytical skills.

The 1,549 death reports

The surveys of dead people show (I limited the records to US only, sanity checked, and deaths from 2021 onwards):

10/170 unvaccinated died of neurological causes: 5.8%

75/666 vaccinated died of neurological causes: 11.2%

The percentages should the the same. They aren’t.

The result is statistically significant with p=.0455.

However, there can be age confounding.

Let’s look at <50 year olds

1/18 unvaxxed=.055
5/78 vaxxed = .064

So these are closer as we’d expect, but the numbers are too small here to get a good signal. Too noisy.

Let’s look at those over 65:

unvaxxed 7/104=.067
vaxxed 53/400=.1323

Big difference.

We have a very dangerous vaccine here. Too bad the CDC doesn’t do their own survey of dead people by vaccination status, isn’t it? They’d have found this out 2 years ago.

Oddly, to this day, they don’t want to look at this. It’s so easy. It took about an hour of my time to do this. Why don’t they want to know.

Personal anecdotes

There is nothing like personal experience to make sure we got it right. I hear these stories of young people dying of strokes or bleeding in the brain. Horrible. You don’t forget these.

People who have seen multiple black swans

Have you ever heard of a healthy 23 year old who has 8 strokes after getting vaccinated? I got this note from Marc on Jan 18, 2023:

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