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Karma? 41 Yr. Old Richard Rowe, A Progressive Anti-Vaxx Hater, Dead 7 Weeks After 2nd Pfizer Shot

Richard Rowe was full of hate for everyone who disagreed with him


A 41-year-old truck driver and self-described “powerhouse progressive and LGBT” former Florida congressional candidate is dead after a final month of life filled with vitriol.

Mr. Richard “Ricky” Rowe was already, for lack of better term, an unpleasant personality based on his Facebook and Twitter archives. The injections exacerbated it, providing more evidence that these shots change people’s personalities and psychological states of mind.

Mr. Rowe was a truck driver by trade. But he ran for seats in the Florida House Of Representative and the U.S. House of Representatives in 2020.

He lost in the primaries in the previous and dropped out before the primaries in the latter race. Mr. Rowe was a Democrat who stressed that he was a “progressive,” not a “liberal.” His hatred and vitriol towards non-vaxxed people dates back to early 2021.

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