New York Poet And Writer Caroline Rothstein Is A Case Study In Vaccine STUPIDITY

The word ‘karma’ seems to be appropriate with Ms. Rothstein



A 38-year-old poet and writer for, among others, Cosmopolitan and The Guardian, is unwilling to face reality as her health continually declines.

Ms. Caroline Rothstein is a believer in all things COVID-19. She is a Twitter “blue check,” best known for her slam poetry. She often writes and speaks about masturbation, orgasms, and being Jewish. Ms. Rothstein uses a lot of vulgar language and hyper-feminist, made-up words like “cishetpatriarchial world” in her poetry. The following, published on Instagram in April 2021, is from a slam poem called “A Blessing For My Clitoris After I Cum.”


Another one of Ms. Rothstein’s slam poems is called “To All the Boys I’ve Fucked Before.”

Ms. Rothstein is the daughter of Mr. Steven Rothstein, a wealthy Bear Stearns stockbroker. He is best known for purchasing a lifetime pass (a “golden ticket”) for first class flights on American Airlines in 1987. Mr. Rothstein paid $250,000 (about $633,000 adjusted for inflation today) to fly first-class forever. Two years later, in 1989, he added a companion pass for another $150,000 ($347,000 today). A total of 65 millionaires took advantage of the offer until it was discontinued in 2004.

But after accumulating over 30 million flight miles from 1989 to 2008, American Airlines terminated his golden ticket, citing fraudulent behavior related to the companion pass. But the real reason was that the pass was a bad idea from the beginning. It cost American Airlines upwards of $23 million in lost revenue from Rothstein alone. Caroline Rothstein wrote about her dad’s semi-famous frequent flyer adventures in a 2019 Guardian article.

Ms. Rothstein has toured the United States performing her slam poetry since at least 2019. Most of her shows were online in 2020 and 2021 due to the so-called pandemic. That’s where the story picks up.

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