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NFL’s Chief Medical Officer Says League Is Scaling Back Testing, Finds Asymptomatic People Are Not Spreading COVID-19

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Following a major increase of positive COVID-19 cases inside NFL facilities, the league and the NFLPA (National Football League Players Association) agreed to scale back testing of vaccinated players last week, focusing on players who are showing symptoms of the virus and ending the required weekly testing of vaccinated players.

On Thursday, NFL chief medical officer, Dr. Allen Sills, was asked about the level of concern regarding the possibility of asymptomatic players spreading COVID-19 with testing now being scaled back.

“We’ve really not seen this phenomenon that people have discussed, which is asymptomatic people in the facility spreading virus to others,” Sills said in an interview with NFL Network. “As we’ve gone back and looked throughout the entire season, what we’ve seen consistently is when people have symptoms, that’s when they seem to be contagious to others. And that’s why we’re asking people to come forward and acknowledge those symptoms, because that’s the point at which they’re vulnerable and the point at which they expose themselves to others.”

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