Shocker: FDA Delays Moderna Vaccine For Teens Over Dangerous Heart Issues


The Food and Drug Administration is delaying its approval of Moderna Inc.’s COVID-19 vaccine for teens to study whether the shot could increase the risk of a rare inflammatory heart condition, The Wall Street Journal reported.

The delay follows moves by Sweden and three other Nordic countries to limit or suspend using the Moderna jabs for people under 30, over concerns about the risks of myocarditis for younger men.

Researchers have found a link between rare cases of the heart condition in children and the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines, both of which use a relatively new technology called mRNA.

The Journal said the FDA is taking another look at data on the risk of myocarditis among younger men, and is comparing the results for those who took Moderna’s vaccine, and those who got a Pfizer shot. So far, the regulators haven’t determined if either of the vaccines elevates the risk

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