Sleep Expert Says Everyone Should Be Sleeping Naked, Even When It’s Cold Outside

Despite the freezing temperatures outside, one expert insists the only thing we should be wearing before we doze off is… well, nothing – as it has several physical and mental health benefits

Sleeping nude has many benefits (Stock photo) (Image: Getty Images)

(Mirror) Turns out, nude sleeping isn’t just for that one week in the British summer where it reaches 20C.

As freezing temps and flurries of snow hit the UK, many of us are going to bed dressed in fluffy pajamas and a hot water bottle. But, one expert insists the only thing you should be wearing before you doze is off is… well, nothing.


Wearing your birthday suit, even if it’s freezing outside, could actually have both physical and mental benefits to your health. Just make sure you’re not known for the odd sleep walking episode if you live with others.

Sammy Margo is Chartered Physiotherapist and sleep expert at Dreams. Talking to the Metro, she said sleeping in the nude will help you fall asleep faster. “Your body temperature plays a crucial role in the timing of your sleep,” she said.

“It’s linked to your circadian rhythm – the internal body clock which controls your sleep/awake cycle. Falling into a deep sleep is linked to cooling your body, so allowing your body to cool down by sleeping naked can signal to you that it’s time to sleep.”

Margo says that sleeping naked with a partner, especially in the colder months, can lead to ‘increased physical and emotional intimacy’. The expert argues that skin-to-skin contact can release a hormone associated with ‘bonding and trust’. Other improvements include increased self-confidence and better complexion.


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