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Video: Pastor From Trinidad and Tobago Cries Out After Son Dies Day After Taking COVID Vaccine

U.S.government continues to promote these deadly vaccines

Pastor Marva Peschier of Trinidad and Tobago cried out in a video after her son died as a result of taking a COVID-19 shot.

According to Pastor Peschier, her son suffered a stroke and experienced bleeding in his head immediately after taking the vaccine on September 17th. He was rushed to Mt. Hope Hospital but was pronounced dead on September 18th.

Pastor Peschier implored the government to stop vaccinating members of the public as it is killing people.

Her video was initially posted to Facebook, but the platform removed the video because any negative news on the vaccines or virus is automatically censored and deleted.

Big Tech, the mainstream media and governments around the world have become complicit in tens of thousands of deaths by censoring information about the dangers of COVID vaccines.

This is another one that has gone unreported.

Watch here:

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