Auto Manufactures Say Biden’s EV Mandates Will Make Gas-Powered Vehicles Limited, Unaffordable To Most

‘The policy is going to both limit the availability of new gas cars and push the cost of remaining gasoline-powered vehicles out of reach,’ says industry expert

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(Fox News) When President Biden said that Americans can “buy any kind of car they want,” he failed to factor in new emissions standards his administration is putting in place that will reduce consumer choice, industry experts say.

During a speech delivered on Tuesday outside the Rose Garden, Biden focused on protecting U.S. jobs from unfair foreign trade practices and promised to not allow China to control the market for internal combustion engines or electric vehicles (EVs).

“I want to make this clear, notwithstanding what the other guy is saying – can buy any kind of car they want… but we’re never going to allow China to unfairly control the market for these cars, period,” he said, as “the other guy” appeared to be a reference to former President Trump, who made waves for predicting an auto industry “bloodbath” if Democrats continue their EV push.

Geoff Moody is senior vice president of American Fuel & Petrochemical Manufacturers (AFPM), a trade association representing companies like Chevron, ExxonMobil, Koch and others. He said that Biden’s Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulation “is functionally a ban on sales of most new gas cars by 2032.”

“The policy is going to both limit the availability of new gas cars and push the cost of remaining gasoline-powered vehicles out of reach for most Americans,” he said, adding that EPA compliance scenarios he has viewed project new internal-combustion-engine car sales to fall drastically from 84% at present to below 30% in 2032.

“The whole point of the rule is to push American drivers toward electric vehicles by limiting their other options,” Moody said.

American Petroleum Institute executive Will Hupman echoed some of that sentiment, predicting that it could effectively eliminate most new gas-powered vehicles in the future.

In April, Sen. Roger Marshall, R-Kan. launched an effort to stymie the new restrictions via the Congressional Review Act, which allows Congress to make an expedited attempt to invalidate new agency rules.

Roger Marshall
Kansas Sen. Roger Marshall is spearheading an effort to stop President Biden’s new emissions rules. (Getty Images)

Marshall told Fox News Digital on Thursday the president’s comment sounded like a “political-showboating” response to such objections.

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